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Luisa Menzen

Actress, Model, VO Artist, Drama Teacher


Luisa Menzen is a NYC based, trilingual actress and model.

Originally from Germany, Luisa grew up in Milan, Italy, where she studied and started her acting career. Since then, Luisa has performed internationally and her stage experience has taken her throughout theaters in Italy and Germany and the US, where she has been living for almost a decade. 

Luisa is very passionate about living in the Big Apple, where she is working as an actress, model, Voice-Over artist and Drama teacher for children. She has appeared in numerous theater productions and modelled in commercial spots for tv and the web, including spots for Summit One Vanderbilt, UPS, Blue Apron, Vespa, Zazen Bear, which was shot in an empty Grand Central. Luisa is proud to be part of The Russian Arts Theater & Studio, a Manhattan based theater company, with Aleksey Burago as the artistic director. Amongst other roles, she starred as Nina in The Seagull by A. Chekhov, which was one of her all-time favorite parts, being a Chekhov lover. Luisa is amazed by this crazy city and loves to live her passion through her career.

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